What do you get when you mix computer games with professional laser tag? EVOTAG 🙌

With well-known game modes, as well as several different weapons and equipment, we recreate the experience from the computer game, which keeps us engaged hour after hour, day after day.

Combined with high-end laser tag technology, with really long range, high precision and exceptional hit detection, EVOTAG is a completely unique experience.



With EVOTAG, gaming is no longer a stationary activity

When you play EVOTAG, you completely forget that you are sprinting around the battle field.

We always find that EVOTAG motivates young people and adults to move - even those who normally don't like to



Experience community, communication and collaboration, across all age groups and interests

Online communities and online gaming are great, but real life communities are better.

EVOTAG is a team sport that can be used across all age groups and interests. Some are in great shape, some are experts in game play, some are great at aiming.

This also makes EVOTAG the perfect team building experience, as you as a team must utilize each other's strengths, communicate and collaborate.

How does EVOTAG work?

Install the EVOTAG App on your smartphone and connect it to our high-end laser tagger

Now you are ready to experience the thrilling gameplay from the computer game, combined with live action from professional laser tag 🤩

It is quick and easy to setup games, and you can play any where, any time and with any one.

The EVOtagger have a range of about 100 meters. If you can see the enemy you can tag them - but it requires a good aim.